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Leather Care Instructions

Proper care and treatment of your custom made boots and shoes are very important to ensure their long life and wearability. Our high quality full-grained leathers require a certain measure of care and maintenance to protect them from the harmful effects and exposure resulting from regular use.

For optimum care it is best to clean off your footgear as soon as possible after each wearing. Using a soft cloth or sponge dampened in plain water, gently lift or float off the surface dirt, residue and dust to neutralize the harmful effects of horse sweat, salts and acids to the leather. Be sure to clean mud from soles and between the seams where the foot of the boot meets the sole. Do not scrub as this will be detrimental to the leather’s sensitive surface. Most important – NEVER USE SADDLE SOAP – which is not intended for and is too harsh on boot leather.

While the boots are still damp, insert trees and apply Vogel’s Leather Conditioner – as needed – which helps replenish the leather’s natural oils. Allow the boots to air dry thoroughly – NEVER USE HEAT. After the boots have dried, apply Vogel’s Superior Boot Cream with a damp cloth or applicator for surface protection, let dry and buff with our heavy duty horsehair bristle brush for a superb shine. Store in a well ventilated dry area away from sunlight. If possible it is best to rotate your boot wear, allowing the moisture and perspiration to dissipate naturally.

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