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The hallmark of custom made boots is represented in the choises and options which characterize your particular needs and desires. E. Vogel Custom Boots is pleased to offer a wide selection of options to suit your exact preferences and provide you with a custom performance, riding or pleasure boot second to none.


We at E. Vogel take great pride in offering you a large selection of individually chosen fine full grain-leathers in an array of styles and colors.

Imported Calfskin:

Our most popular leather selection, suitable for all equestrian disciplines. Prized for its balance of beauty and strength, it is also preferred for its suppleness and fine full-grain which conforms naturally to the shape of your leg and foot. With proper care it will withstand most conditions and still present itself beautifully in the ring.

Baby Calf:

A silky smooth, fine grain leather which breaks in readily. Known as the cashmere of the boot industry, it is costly and has limited durability. However, for the closest contact, nothing else will do.

Domestic Leather:

A more durable choise of leather. Ideal for schooling, polo, cross country and pleasure riding. It features a coarser, looser grain than calf. Originating from an older animal, it will reveal some blemishes and therefore is not preferred for show boots.


E. Vogel color swatches are availible upon request.

Imported Calfskin:

Black, Dark Brown, Tan, Oxblood or Burgundy.

Baby Calf:

Black or Brown

Domestic Leather:

Black or Brown

Special Leathers and Colors:

These would include suede, light and heavy grains and genuine shell cordovan.

Just EMAIL US if you like some of these samples sent to you, and please specify the colors you would like to receive.


All Vogel boots are expertly lined in the foot and heel with our special tanned lining leather for better shape retention, protection and superior comfort afoot.

Cuff Lining:

Lined only from the calf to the top of the leg and in the foot and heel. Affords the greatest contact with the horse, is easiest to break-in and provides the softest feel.

3/4 Lining:

Completly lined except for a panel of lining removed from the inside of the leg, to allow greater contact with the horse while retaining the neat look of a fully lined boot.

Full Lining:

A completely lined boot for extra firmness providing the best shape retention and the neatest look.

Dressage Lining:

A heavyweight, stiff, full lining, available with extra stiff and softer inside leg feature, with a soft flexible ankle suited for the serious dressage rider. We recommend adding only 3/4" additional to the height for dropping.

Polo Lining:

A sturdy, firm lining throughout the shaft, made to resist mallet blows and the rigors of a polo match.

Sheepskin Lining:

Fleece lining for warmth. it can be ordered either for the foot only or the entire boot. Also great for paddock shoes.


Vogel Boots are perferred with single weight soles for flexability although double weight is also available.

Ribbed Sole:

Truly the choise of champions. Developed by E. Vogel in collaboration with top riders, our ribbed sole is by far the most popular sole choice. It offers excellent grip in the stirrup, water resistance and superior feel.

Leather Sole:

Offers optimum breathability and sufficient feel afoot in a medium weight. Provides less traction than the ribbed sole.


All Vogel custom boot heels begin with a stacked leather base for stabiliy and comfort.

Rubber Toplift:

Most popular heel choice, perferred for it's durability and extra measure of traction.

Leather Toplift:

Also available, but will not provide the traction like the rubber toplift.

Extended Options

Depending on your anatomy and proportions, our extended options may be added to ensure proper fit. These include...

Covered Elastic Gussets:

The gusset is hidden on the inside part of the leg and is recommended for people who have a 1 3/4" difference between the calf and top measurements.

Nine Eyelets:

All our field boots are made with 7 eyelets but you can choose to have 9 eyelets if you have a high arch or find it difficult getting past the throat(ankle area) of a boot.


Vogel does offer zippers but they do require special care and maintenance. A good candidate for zippers would be someone with a very high instep, narrow leg measurements and little flexion in the foot. Vogel recommends not doing a zipper if you don't require one.

Spanish Cut:

Most perferred this is the higher cut on the outside top of the boot which gives you that nice long looking leg. This is also availabe in the Puissance cut which is an extra high cut on the outside.

Stay in Backstrap:

This is a rod put in the backstrap of a dressage boot to maintain the back line desired by most dressage riders. 

Other aesthetic options available for your preference include toe-caps with or without punching, swagger tabs and spur rest.